The Malta

Malta is a company that acts in the sector of Industrial Mounts, Electrical Panels, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation including the complete assembly of equipment like boilers, diffusers, suits milling, plant to recovery waters VLC, whose creations is the result of growing demand for efficiency and organization.

Our role as company is to seek the best alternative, to identify the best operating condition and the most suitable price, meeting the needs and expectations of each client. Organization has been our principal work tool.


To structure and to organize the work in ventures, promoting the development of the knowledge and experiences of employees and increasing the competitiveness. Always to do the work with ethics and efficiency, doing strategic alliances with customers and suppliers, providing satisfaction, prosperity and economy for our clients along the years.


To give full attention to the client, from drafting a proposal for a price well designed to the perform the services, aimed at reducing costs through efficient management of resources involved in the transaction.


Our time is formed by professionals of highest qualification, trained by the leading manufacturers, like WEG, ABB, AB and Siemens, with proven performance in the Electricity segment, Automation and Industrial Assemblies.

We work with a wide field of legislation and of the technical standards that regulate the activities.